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Discover the Patterns in Your Birth Date and Name

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Phone Number Analyzer

How to use the Phone Number Analyzer

It has been standard practice to ONLY use that part of your phone number that you can choose yourself. This excluded the use of your area/zip code and your country code.

In the phone number 1-604-111-2222 ... we would use 111-2222

However, these days the phone number we use is no longer limited to the last 7 digits as was common in the early days of communication. Today the most common use includes the area/zip code (or whatever it may be called in your part of the world), but does not include the country codes. In this case we acknowledge that our phone number is influenced not only by our choice, but also where we are ... our geography.

Secondly, as technology evolved, it is now very common to be able to select your entire phone number including the area/zip codes of your choice. You can get a dedicated Virtual Mobile Number for yourself or business very easily. The entire phone number (not including the country code) can be your choice (with some restrictions due to available area/zip codes), and in this case even the geography is not a factor, but rather what YOU want it to be.

Both of these arguments make for a stronger case to use the entire phone number, excluding the country code, for the analysis.

In the phone number 1-604-111-2222 ... we should use 604-111-2222

The final choice is yours, and it should depend on where and for what purpose you use the phone number in question.

  • 111-2222 - This short format is deprecated. It would apply locally/regionally
  • 604-111-2222 - National level (RECOMMENDED)
  • 1-604-111-2222 - International level
  • 011-1-250-688-6476 - Now you're just showing off
It is also important to know that the phone number you want is not already taken. Use the Free Phone Number Validation Tool

Letter Mapping and Vanity Phone Numbers

We are talking about numbers that are used to spell words or abbreviations using our Phone's Keypad.

a b c
d e f
g h i
j k l
m n o
p q r s
t u v
w x y z

1-800-FOR-SALE = 1-800-367-7253

Our Phone Number Analyzer will automatically convert any letter to a number based on the standardized phone keypad system shown above.

To check what your phone number may spell you can use this Phone Number Spell Check Tool

What about Zero?

ZERO adds no attributes, but it acts as a buffer to influence the weight of the MINOR numbers

Looking at the numbers 12 and 1200, both add up to MAJOR number 3, however within the number 12 the TWO numbers 1 and 2 are both weighted at 1/2 each, while within the number 1200 there are FOUR numbers and numbers 1 and 2 are weighted at 1/4 each. Their overall influence is weakened or "buffered" by the zeros. The more Zeros you add, the weaker the relative weight, or influence, of the MINOR numbers.

Use the Analyzer to see this example in action : )

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Discover the Patterns in Your Birth Date and Name

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