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The number 9 represents idealism, generosity, and self-sacrifice. It is a vibration of the philanthropist, a humanitarian, a visionary, and one who is more socially conscious. Those with the number 9 in their numerology chart tend to be charismatic, compassionate, and deeply concerned about the state of the world, often sacrificing money, time, and energy for a better world.
On the negative side of the number 9, self-righteousness, narrow-minded moral values, and religious fanaticism are not uncommon, nor are arrogance, pride, and a superficial confidence.

Shades of Number Nine

Not all 9's are the same, and the double digit number from which your number 9 is derived from adds a slightly different flavour to your "essence"

Possible number combinations ...
number 18
You are more likely self sufficient and drawn to independent humanitarian ventures that deal with lasting global issues.
number 27
This vibration is compassionate, sensitive, intuitive, and even artistic. With a touch of philanthropy you would likely make a great counselor or volunteer.
number 36
This vibration adds more creative and understanding to help you achieve your greater worldly goals
number 45
This is perhaps a more cynical number 9, but with a focused drive and pragmatic outlook on what needs to be done to achieve your goal .
number 54
Very similar to the number 45, with a more adventurous outlook, but less organized and disciplined.
number 63
Very similar to the number 36, but perhaps not as outgoing, this vibration represents family, harmony, and humanitarian values.
number 72
Much like the number 27, this vibration is compassionate, sensitive, and tolerant with great intuition.
number 81
Very similar to the number 18, this vibration is perhaps more business-oriented and realistic.
number 90
Self-sacrificing and humble, this vibration, much like the number 9 is one of humanitarism and idealism, and often leading to religious devotion.
number 99
This is the vibration of the ultimate humanitarian, one without prejudice or preconceptions, and an absolute concern for the welfare of all of humanity and the world. Also see number 18.

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