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On the more positive side, the number 8 vibration represents ambition, focus, and drive. The number 8 is a powerful and focused energy, and those with this number in their numerological chart tend to be in the leader role, efficient, confident, goal oriented, practical, and generally have a good business sense, which goes hand in hand with a strong drive for financial success and security.
On the negative side, the number 8 represents a somewhat authoritarian and demanding nature, which although strong and enthusiastic, can come off as overly confident, egocentric, ruthless, selfish, greedy, and even cruel.

Shades of Number Eight

Not all 8's are the same, and the double digit number from which your eight is derived from adds a slightly different flavour to your "essence"

Possible number combinations ...
number 17
This vibration is spiritually inclined and together with a business sense, faith and balance, it builds upon things that have the potential to benefit humanity for years to come.
number 26
This is a business oriented vibration that is more sensitive and in tune with those around you. As such you are more likely to excel in a business or management environment.
number 35
This vibrations adds creativity and the ability to think outside the box to your business sense
number 44
This is a vibration of a visionary, good at building and creating for the benefit of generations to come.
number 53
Much like the number 35, this vibration adds creativity and the ability to think outside the box to your business sense, but perhaps a little more verbal.
number 62
Much like the number 26, this is a business oriented vibration that is more inclined to serve the needs of family and other close relationships.
number 71
Much like the number 17, this is a vibration that is more inclined to work towards causes benefiting the future generations, but with a less authoritative and more introverted tendencies.
number 80
Much like the number 8, this is a strong, goal oriented vibrations, invoking you to take charge and maximize the potential of whatever venture you are a part of.
number 89
This is a vibration representing strong drive and focus towards humanitarian causes. Also see number 17.
number 98
Very similar to the number 89, with perhaps slightly less ambition and drive, but more devotion. Also see number 17.

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