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The number 7 has a somewhat secretive, withdrawn, and distant energy. The vibration of this number represents all that is different, mysterious, serious, independent, intelligent, wise, and spiritual. Those with a 7 in their charts, tend to be more curious, challenging everything others take for granted in their search for knowledge and spiritual understanding. Some of the more positive traits that are representative of those with 7s in their numerological charts are; Analytical, philosophical, logical, private, perfectionist, contemplative, and a bit of a dreamer.
On the negative side, the 7 can be seen as skeptical, cynical, arrogant, small minded, and even neurotic.

Shades of Number Seven

Not all 7's are the same, and the double digit number from which your number 7 is derived from adds a slightly different flavour to your "essence"

Possible number combinations ...
number 16
This is a vibration of wisdom, introspection, and independence, and as such there is much potential for spiritual growth and attainment of self-knowledge. 16 is sometimes considered a Karmic Debt number.
number 25
This is a vibration that is more intuitive. You are likely to be more curious and take a leadership role in you spiritual endeavors.
number 34
This is an intelligent, creative, spiritual and generous vibration
number 43
Very similar to the number 34, this vibration is more pragmatic and analytical.
number 52
Vibrations very similar to the number 25, but more introspective with a greater sense for personal freedom.
number 61
Very similar to the number 16, this is a more family oriented vibration, but likely with more difficulties in a love relationship.
number 70
This is a vibration of natural wisdom, introspection, and unlimited potential. You are likely more reclusive and a loner in your quest for truth.
number 79
This is a vibration of intuition and introspection, drawn to spiritual welfare of humanity. Also see number 16.
number 88
This is a vibration of ultimately driven and powerfully focused energy. Also see number 16.
number 97
Much like the number 79, this is a vibration drawn to spiritual welfare of humanity, but perhaps more sensitive and idealistic. Also see number 16.

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