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The 6 is, by nature, perhaps the most harmonious of all numbers, and its vibration is one of compassion, understanding, warmth, harmony, romance, sacrifice, and love. Those with a 6 in their numerological chart, are likely to lean towards lifestyles that include teaching, healing, counseling, or any other field that deals with service to others.
Some of the more negative attributes of the number 6 relate directly to the positives. The urge to care for and protect close friends and family members, can be seen as overprotective if taken to the extreme, and terms such as interfering, smothering, and meddlesome can be used to describe an unbalanced 6.

Shades of Number Six

Not all 6's are the same, and the double digit number from which your number 6 is derived from adds a slightly different flavour to your "essence"

Possible number combinations ...
number 15
Those with 15 in their chart are likely more loving and tolerant, while innovative at the same time. It is a harmonious, family oriented vibration.
number 24
This is a vibration of harmony, idealism, and security. You are more likely to offer counsels and be a comfort to others. More family and companionship oriented.
number 33
Often referred to as a Master number, this is a vibration of harmony and ultimate self-sacrifice. Visit to learn more about Life Path Master Number 33
number 42
Very similar to the number 24, with your primary goals on building strong family and community relationships.
number 51
Very similar to the number 15, but more independent and care-free.
number 60
Responsible and caring, this loving vibration represents harmony, family, cooperation and idealistic values.
number 69
This is a vibration of health, compassion, and family. You are likely more responsible and self-sacrificing. Also see number 15.
number 78
This vibration represents wisdom, introspection, and an organized family unit, but also potential struggles between the spiritual and the material. Also see number 15.
number 87
Very similar to the number 78, but more methodical, and focused. Also see number 15.
number 96
Much like the number 69, this is a vibration of health, compassion, and family, with perhaps more emphasis on the global humanitarian scale. Also see number 15.

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