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The energy of the 5 is more dynamic and volatile, impulsive, responsive to the moment, and less controlled; however, it is not aggressive. It is a vibration of action and change. Some of the more positive traits that are representative of those with 5s in their numerological chart are; stimulating, witty, charismatic, optimistic, inspiring, daring, adventurous, energetic, sensual, tolerant, flexible, adaptable, curious, enthusiastic, easy going, and a free spirit.
On the negative side the 5 is irresponsible, gets bored easily, can be overly excitable and emotionally superficial. Those with 5s in their chart are more likely to have a tendency for indulgence, which can often be expressed through sexual promiscuity, overeating, or drug and alcohol abuse.

Shades of Number Five

Not all 5's are the same, and the double digit number from which your number 5 is derived from adds a slightly different flavour to your "essence"

Possible number combinations ...
number 14
This is a vibration of independence and change. You are more likely to crave adventure and personal freedom. 14 is sometimes considered a Karmic Debt number.
number 23
This vibrations adds a layer of compassion with a personal sense of freedom to the number 5. You are likely more pliable and comfortable with all kinds of people that may enter your life.
number 32
Very similar to number 23, this vibrations ads an extra touch of creativity and self expression to the number 5.
number 41
Much like the number 14, you tend to focus on working to secure your future and your independence.
number 50
This is a vibration representing versatility and the love of personal choice and freedom.
number 59
This is a persuasive and convincing vibration, with a sense of freedom and a humanitarian percpective. Also see number 14.
number 68
This is a vibration of loyalty, and free and harmonious expression of ideas and goals. Also see number 14.
number 77
This vibrations represents intelligence, inventiveness, and ultimate spiritual freedom. Also see number 14.
number 86
Very similar to the number 68, but more self-oriented, methodical, and focused. Also see number 14.
number 95
Very similar to the number 59, this is a vibration representing the drive for global freedom of expression. Also see number 14.

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