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Numerology Number
FOUR . 4 . IV .

The number 4 stands for everything that is sturdy, reliable, honest, patient, responsible, conventional, detail-oriented, logical and organized. It is a grounded vibration, one that induces practicality, discipline and focus. Those with 4s in their charts tend to prefer routine and predictability, and are likely more dependable and practical in nature.
On a more negative side, the number 4 can be rigid and stubborn, frugal and dull, lacking tolerance and open-minded acceptance, too serious, and in more extreme cases overly controlling.

Shades of Number Four

Not all 4's are the same, and the double digit number from which your number 4 is derived from adds a slightly different flavour to your "essence"

Possible number combinations ...
number 13
This vibration is one of pragmatism, hard working and determination towards steady secure progress. 13 is sometimes considered a Karmic Debt number.
number 22
Also considered a master number, this is a sensitive vibration that can also be demanding and pragmatic, often pushing things to their limits. Visit to learn more about Life Path Master Number 22
number 31
This vibrations, being creative while still practical, is more extroverted and more relaxed than other 4s.
number 40
This is a vibration of someone extremely organized, systematic and methodical.
number 49
This is a focused vibrations with concerns directed toward realistic solutions to worldly problems. Also see number 13.
number 58
This is a focused, determined, and at the same time playful vibration. By creating and building with intent and an eye for the future, you are more likely destined for success. Also see number 13.
number 67
This vibration represents family, creativity, and great analytical and intelligent perception of the foundations that need to be built to secure their future. Also see number 13.
number 76
Very similar to the number 67, but with more focus on analysis and introspection. Also see number 13.
number 85
Very similar to the number 58, but more masculine, focused and methodical. Also see number 13.
number 94
Much like the number 49, this vibration is concerned with realistic solutions to worldly problems, but perhaps less pragmatic and more idealistic. Also see number 13.

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