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On a more negative side, the energy of the number 3 tends to be somewhat scattered, unfocused, and impulsive. The 3 can be undisciplined, escapist, irresponsible, cynical, and sarcastic, and those with 3s in their chart tend to be less grounded, more restless, and get bored more easily.
On a more positive side, the number 3 brings in an upbeat, expressive, creative, playful, inspiring, and uplifting energy. The 3 is a vibration of an optimist ... fun loving, and perhaps even childlike in nature. Those with 3s in their chart tend to be less conventional, more easy going, with a great sense of humor, an upbeat nature, and a go with the flow attitude.

Shades of Number Three

Not all 3's are the same, and the double digit number from which your number 3 is derived from adds a slightly different flavour to your "essence"

Possible number combinations ...
number 12
The number 12 adds more individualism, self expression and creativity to the number 3
number 21
21 just like 12 has a tendency toward individualism, but tends to incite even more intuition and sensitivity in a person
number 30
This vibration is more social, with strengths in communication and creativity.
number 39
This is a creative vibration with a more humanitarian outlook, and as such even more likely drawn to the arts. Also see number 12.
number 48
A creative and methodical vibration, this makes for a great planner and visionary. Also see number 12.
number 57
Intelligent and inventive, this vibration adds creativity and introspection to the number 3. Also see number 12.
number 66
This is a vibration of the ultimate idealist. Generous and optimistic to a fault, there are likely many financial ups and downs. Also see number 12.
number 75
Very similar to the number 57, but tends to be more analytical in the creative process. Also see number 12.
number 84
Much like the number 48, but perhaps even more so methodical in your creations process. Also see number 12.
number 93
Very similar to the number 39, this vibration represents the more visionary but less organized. Also see number 12.

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