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Numerology Number
TWO. 2 . II .

On a more negative side the number 2 can be indecisive, and overly sensitive, making those with many 2s in their numerological chart more vulnerable to verbal abuse and negative criticism.
On a more positive side, the number 2 brings in a more sensitive, and intuitive energy. The 2 is a vibration of a peacemaker ... tactful, insightful and supportive, more understanding, flexible and willing to compromise. The 2 represents idealism, open mindedness, modesty, and gentleness. It is a warm, friendly, and unpretentious vibration, that often exudes sex appeal. Those with 2s in their charts have a greater respect for the world of emotions, feelings, and intuitions, and likely have an uncanny ability to recognize the more subtle things in life, and the often hidden motives of others.

Shades of Number Two

Not all 2's are the same, and the double digit number from which your 2 is derived from adds a slightly different flavour to your "essence"

Possible number combinations ...
number 11
The number 11 is considered a master number. It is a very sensitive, intuitive, and a highly psychic vibration. Visit to learn more about Life Path Master Number 11
number 20
This is a much more sensitive and intuitive vibration. You are more likely to work as part of a team, having a more encompassing point of view, but are also more vulnerable to criticism.
number 29
Adding to 11/2, this vibration is sensitive and caring, with emphasise on relationships and companionship.
number 38
This is a vibration that adds creative freedom to a business like determination, resulting in the number 38 being a more realistic 11/2.
number 47
This vibration adds practicality, and focused pragmatism, with spiritual introspection to the number 11/2. Also see number 11.
number 56
This is a very expressive, family oriented vibration. Also see number 11.
number 65
Much like the number 56, this vibration is dynamic, but even more family and relationship focused. Also see number 11.
number 74
Much like to the number 47, this is a vibration of spiritual introspection, intertwined with pragmatism and practically. Also see number 11.
number 83
This vibration is very similar to the number 38, but more business-oriented, practical, and less sensitive. Also see number 11.
number 92
Very similar to the number 29, this vibrations is perhaps even more tolerant with a greater concern for all of humanity. Also see number 11.

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