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On a more negative side the number 1 can represent a bit of a bullish and overbearing character trait, and headstrong and stubborn personality. Opinionated, self-centered, domineering, overly critical, aggressive and intimidating are other, less positive traits associated with this number.
On a more positive side, the number 1 brings in a more competitive, driven, and highly motivated energy. This energy is more directed and controlled ... it is the ambitious and pioneering force. The 1 also represents responsibility and loyalty, intelligence and wit, insightfulness, courage, innovation, confidence, independence, and unconventional individualism. Those with 1s in their chart are more likely to try new avenues, take risks, and venture out into unknown territories.

Shades of Number One

Not all 1's are the same, and the double digit number from which your number one is derived from adds a slightly different flavour to your "essence"

Possible number combinations ...
number 10
The number 10 is always the final number from which the single digit number 1 is derived from. It is however only written as 10/1 if no other double digit number has preceded the number 10. For example if your name was reduced to 28 = 10 = 1, it would be written as 28/1 not 10/1. A pure 10/1 is a powerful and focused energy, and those who possess it can often be ruthless, also making them much more capable leaders.
number 19
This is a very strong, self determined and individualistic vibration, and you are likely more confident and self determined. 19 is sometimes considered a Karmic Debt number.
number 28
This vibration adds a sense of compassion, teamwork and tolerance, with a level of business sense to the strong number 10/1. Also see number 10.
number 37
Very individualistic number, this vibration represents creativity and self-determination. Also see number 10.
number 46
This is a more pragmatic 10/1, with a touch of compassion and a creative mix. Also see number 10.
number 55
This is a vibration of complete personal independence, one that is freedom loving and very adventurous. Also see number 10.
number 64
Very similar to the number 46, this vibration is less organized, more creative, and more inclined toward family values. Also see number 10.
number 73
Much like the number 37, this vibration represents creativity and self-determination. Also see number 10.
number 82
This vibration is very similar to the number 28, with perhaps being slightly more business oriented. Also see number 10.
number 91
Very similar to the number 19, this vibration tends to be more eccentric, tolerant and compassionate. Also see number 10.

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