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Life Path Number Statistical Analysis

Regardless of the method used, the statistics for all the single digit Life Path numbers ranging from 1 to 9 are the same, with an average distribution of 11.1% (see Graph 1.0 )

Note: There may be a small variance when analyzing shorter date ranges.

There are different methods of calculation for Life Path numbers, however, the difference is only evident when dealing with Master Numbers. Depending on the method used, we get varying Master Number results for different dates and date ranges.
Graph 1.0 - Statistical Distribution of Life Path Numbers 1 to 9
life path number statistics
How to use the Statistical Analysis Tool
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    • When calculating our Life Path number, there are several methods, as well as several combination of those methods, we can use. The results here compare 3 of the more common methods of calculation available to us.

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Life Path Number Calculation Methods


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