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Attitude Number

As the name suggests, the Attitude Number (sometimes referred to as the Sun Number) describes how we are perceived by others when they first meet us. It is an indication of what type of first impression, or appearance, we portray to the world. This perceived attitude is not always in line with what we are truly like, or who we are on the inside.

How to find your Attitude Number:

You Attitude Number is calculated by adding your Birth Day and Birth Month together, and reducing that number down to a single digit value...

Note that master numbers are not treated as "special" in any way and the calculation is a simple straight across addition. Of course you can use the calculator here to do the work for you.

example: for February 27th, the Attitude Number = 2 + 2 + 7 = 11 = 2

Attitude Number Calculator

Please note we ONLY use the MONTH and DAY values to perform the calculation, and although the YEAR of birth is not necessary, you still have to input it into the form.
  • i) enter your date of birth
    ii) press NEXT button

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